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Surface preparation

The surface needs to be dry, sustainable, flat, clean, evenly absorptive, and neutral in colour or white. Remove all wallpaper with Metylan Aktiv Tapetenablöser (wallpaper remover). Even out and close rough surfaces, holes, and uneven spots with Metylan GI filler containing plaster.
For equal absorptivity and reinforcement purposes, plaster surfaces should generally be treated with water-based primer (like Metylan decorating primer). Flawless decorating results can only be achieved on surfaces of uniform colour, so lining paper or pigmented primer Metylan PT should be used.

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How to apply the wallpaper to the wall?

Only paste instead of glue required, e.g. Metylan direct for fleece wallpapers. Delivery of wallpaper on numbered rolls in order to ensure that the sorting of the rolls can easily be tracked.

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Paste and pasting

Wall decoration maintaining stable dimensions may be pasted by way of the wall pasting technique (i. e. rolling paste directly onto wall, apply wallpaper directly onto prepasted wall) or through the use of a pasting device without soaking time edge-to-edge with Metylan direct, mix ratio 1:20. The fleece wallpaper paste Metylan direct should be applied with a roll slightly wider than the width of the wallpaper sufficiently and evenly onto the surface. Then, the covering should be applied vertically and pressed bubble-free onto the surface with a foam rubber roll.
In case of the surface being non-absorptive, we recommend applying a renovating fleece with Metylan Ovalit V.
You will be able to paste normally with Metylan direct as described above.

Caution: Remove excess paste with a moist foam immediately. Excessively strong heating and draught during the drying process may cause openings at the edges.

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How do I remove the wallpaper from the wall?

Fleece wallpapers may later be pulled from the wall dry and without remains.

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May I paste the wallpaper onto ingrain wallpaper?

Technically, there is no problem pasting the wallpaper onto ingrain. The ingrain surface texture will, however, be visible through the new layer of wallpaper.

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Can I paste the wallpaper onto exterior walls?

Technically, that is possible. There is no guarantee, however, that the surface and the respective weather conditions will render satisfying results.

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