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Berlintapete has exclusive partners in other countries. These partners offer services and support with orders in your preferred language.

Please change to one of our exclusive partners in case your billing address is in one of the countries below. To do so simply click below on the appropriate country.

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How do I order?

You may now choose more products from other collections or transfer other pictures. Once you have placed all your desired items in the shopping cart, you may change the amount there or delete the wallpaper. Click on "Check out", and you will automatically be taken through the rest of the order process.

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Can I bundle different orders?

We regret that an overview over different orders is not feasible, and ask for your understanding. Your orders will be processed by Berlintapete GmbH as quickly as possible and are subject to automated production and logistic processes that we cannot influence. Please consider prior to the completion of the order process whether you have added all items you wish to the shopping cart.

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How does the shopping cart work?

All items that you have chosen are collected in the shopping cart. Once you have completed your selection please click on 'shopping cart'. In the overview, all items you selected are once again listed, and you can still change the amounts or delete individual items.

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