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What is fleece wallpaper Berlintapete – Digital Wallpaper ?

Fleece is a material with stable dimensions made of textile and cellulose tissue that does not expand when in contact with the moisture of the paste. Therefore, fleece wallpaper generally may be pasted without soaking or waiting time.

The fleece wallpaper Berlintapete – digital wallpaper is very tough and easy to process, because the wall is pasted, not the back of the wallpaper. Thus, the roll of wallpaper remains dry for more convenient handling. That is why the fleece wallpaper is cut-to-fit right on the wall.

No expanding due to the moist paste, no sliding while cutting, no shrinking while drying.

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What are the advantages of fleece wallpaper FSC Mixed GFA-COC-001711?

There are ten advantages of fleece wallpaper:

1. Easy and time-saving wall-pasting technique. The wallpaper is embedded dry.
2. No expanding, no drying tension, material stable in dimensions.
3. Cost-effective through well-priced special paste instead of glue.
4. High tensile strength. May be cut cleanly even when wet.
5. May be double-cut with edge trimmer.
6. Bridging cracks (fissures).
7. Steam-permeable according to DIN 52615.
8. Flame resistant according to DIN 4102 B1
9. Coatable with acrylic, emulsion or latex paints.
10. Completely removable when dry.

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What grammage does the fleece wallpaper FSC Mixed GFA-COC-001711 have?

Fleece wallpapers have
130 g/m².Vlies
150 g/m².Vlies
180 g/m².Vlies
150 g/m². Strukturvlies

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Does the fleece wallpaper FSC Mixed GFA-COC-001711 comply with German and European building regulation norms?

Yes, the wallpaper was tested and certified as follows:
Flame resistant according to DIN 4102 B1.

The German norm DIN 4102 B1 corresponds to the European norm B.
Please see here the details in comparison:

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What is Smartpaper or Stabilit as opposed to FSC Mixed GFA-COC-001711?

Smartpaper is a brandname generated by an association of Dutch manufacturers and marketing companies. It is used for all kinds of fleece materials of most different qualities and therefore is hardly informative as to the material used in each case.

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