Important information

Berlintapete has exclusive partners in other countries. These partners offer services and support with orders in your preferred language.

Please change to one of our exclusive partners in case your billing address is in one of the countries below. To do so simply click below on the appropriate country.

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How can I pay?

We offer a broad range of options for you to pay for your order:

1. Advance payment to our bank account
2. Advanced payment with PayPal
3. Billpay

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Is my bank information safe with you?

Your bank information will be encrypted when sent to us and will be used exclusively to collect the invoice amount.

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When do I have to pay?

We ask for advance payment. Your order will be processed immediately after the amount was received.

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Where can I print my invoice?

You will receive a detailed invoice with the merchandise. Furthermore, you will receive a confirmation email message containing an invoice following your order.

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