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Help topics / Self adhesive wallpaper

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Coated, white, woven polyester textile for wall covering especially designed for Inkjet printing, 150g/sqm Clear Removable Acrylic adhesive
PE coated Kraft liner 150 g/sqm

Self-adhesive wall covering for Professionals: Hotels, Shop uplifting, conference rooms, waiting rooms, reception areas, catering stores etc.
The inkjet wide-format printing allows you to create your own design!

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What is a self-adhesive product made of ?

A self-adhesive product is a laminate made of four layers:

• a surface media (PVC, paper, textile etc...)
• self-adhesive
(also called pressure-sensitive adhesive)
• silicone
• backing paper

To apply self-adhesive films/graphics, the laminate must be removed from the protective siliconized backing paper by the applicator.

Printed graphics are most often protected by a clear self-adhesive protective film. This film is used to protect the graphics from dust, scratches, grease and even graffiti. Protective films can also be used to change the look of the finish (matt, satin, glossy and textured), prevent light reflection and make images last longer by protecting them from UV rays.

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