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How do I register?

By clicking the text "Login" on top of any page, you are automatically taken to our login page. Existing customers may simply log on with their email address and their password. New customers can register by clicking the text "Register" on top of any page.

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What happens with my information?

Your address information will remain saved within the limits provided by law and will only be handed to third parties as necessary for the processing of your order, e. g. for shipping. Your bank information will be saved if so requested at your registration. You may, however, choose your payment option with each order individually. In that case, your bank information will be deleted as soon as the amount has been collected.

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I have forgotten my password.

No Problem. In that case, simply click on the corresponding sentence in the login area on our registration page, and we will send our personal password to your email address right away.

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I would like to register, but I'm told that the email address is already taken.

In that case, you probably have registered with that email address before. You won't need to register again but can have your password sent to you: Please visit our 'Login' page and click on the link "Forgot password?". Enter your email address in the following form and click on "Request password". If that does not work, please contact us by using our contact form.

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