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Which printing technique do you use?

We print on Nonwoven wallpaper pigment powder. It is printed in CMYK.
Data in a different color space (RGB) or
be supplied with other profiles,
be converted by us

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Can I reorder my wallpaper in the same colour at any time?

You may, of course, reorder your wallpaper with us; please note, however, that each production is done on demand, the colours vary in nuances from the previous production. This goes for all our wallpapers. We can guarantee complete likeness only within the same production.

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Is the colour on the printed wallpaper fast?

Following the application onto the wallpaper and the finishing thereafter, the pigment used remains lightfast almost as much as car varnish.

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Special colors / house colors

If you Pantone, HKS or RAL colors on your printouts require, please let us know. The reproduction of spot colors (RAL, Pantone, HKS) is not exactly possible in digital printing. All spot colors can be printed only approximate. If your file contains spot colors or jewelry, these will automatically be converted by us. If necessary. is required on original material.

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