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What product features have Berlin Wallpaper Digital

The carrier material of digital prints under the label Berlintapete - Digital Wallpaper can be selected from three high-quality fleece available for parties carriers.Components of the fleece used are Pulps
Pigments, polyester fibers and binder. This is consistently easy to work with base material
a non-allergenic, odorless HP Latex paint (Nordic Swan) printed.

- Berlintapete - Digital Wallpaper requires no soaking time and should only be used in wall adhesion technique.
- Berlin Wallpaper - Digital Wallpaperbei be deducted a change of scenery completely dry.

• Skin-friendly, since they do not contain glass fibers
• Dimensionally stable - no more soaking time required
• Crack bridging
• Water vapor permeable
• Free of PVC, plasticizers and solvents (except digital print on non-woven structure)
• Fire retardant (fire protection class B1) to DIN 4102 - For use in the commercial sector
• REACH certification - the protection of health and the environment by certified chemicals
• VOC certification - Low emissions and no effect on the indoor air

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Berlin Wallpaper - Digital Wallpaper is made variable for each room individually. The standard 4 dimensions have been defined in the respective collection, special requests regarding other dimensions are available individually and selected on the configurator.
Base material: High-quality, easy-to-apply non-woven backing in three grades (FSC certification):

150 g / m² plain woven
130 g / m² plain woven
200 g / m² plain woven
220 g / m² nonwoven structure

Processing at 18 ° C and a relative humidity of 65% is ideal
- Drying time: 1 -2 days, depending on temperature, relative humidity, and the substrate
- Dimensionally stable and crack bridging woven wallpaper
- Water vapor permeability according to DIN 52615
- In combination with mineral surfaces and non-combustible building board according to DIN 4102-B1 flame
flammable. Prüfzeugnisnummer: P-MPA-E 02-585
- Free of PVC, plasticizers or solvents.
- With appropriate surface preparation (bonding Makulaturvlies) completely dry strippable.

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In cooperation with the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification eV in St. Augustine, the main authority in the field of quality assurance, strict quality specifications were developed for wallpapers that go well beyond the legal requirements, and ongoing compliance by neutral is monitored.
In addition to the RAL-GZ 479 used in the production of Architects Paper - Digital applicable European standards use the following:
• DIN EN 233 Specification for finished paper, vinyl and plastics wallcoverings
• DIN EN 235 Wall Coverings - Vocabulary and symbols
• DIN EN 12149 Determination of migration of heavy metals and certain other
extractable elements, the content of vinyl chloride monomer and of formaldehyde release
• DIN EN 12956 Determination of dimensions, straightness, and water resistance

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Surface Preparation

The substrate must be tested for strength, carrying capacity, moisture and alkalinity.
Compare also VOB, part C, DIN 18363, paragraph 3.1.1.
Berlin Wallpaper - Digital Wallpaper can be used on all surfaces suitable for indoor surfaces. the
However, ground should be prepared carefully and must be clean, solid, slightly absorbent and smooth.
Old wallpaper and adhering coatings should be removed. Rough surfaces are provided with appropriate filler
smooth. Highly absorbent or sandy surfaces must be primed with a wallpaper primer pigmented.
Continue to be observed for the pretreatment of the substrate, the BFS Data Sheets No. 7 and No. 16th
Special attention in the surface preparation prior to bonding of Architects Paper - Digital
should be placed on the smoothness, since every bump after wallpapering is still clearly visible.
Q4 is the highest level of quality achieved by uniform filling and smoothing. In most
Applications, comparable with a leveling of Q3 and subsequent nonvoven gluing.
Results are achieved - with the advantage that reinforcement effect prevented by the nonwoven crazing
and be a dry strippability of Berlin Tapete - Digital Wallpaper including the nonvoven is guaranteed.

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The room temperature during processing and during drying should be constant at about 18 ° C. direct
Avoid direct sunlight and drafts, as well as heating the room during drying.
Berlin Wallpaper - Digital Wallpaper should be handled exclusively in wall adhesion technique. For bonding a nonwoven roll glue (eg Metylan Direct) is recommended.
For processing in wall adhesion technique the glue evenly and not too thickly with a painting roller in track width on the ground. Here regulate paste job so that no excess glue in
Seam area can escape. Please also refer to the installation instructions of the glue manufacturer.
The Berlin Wall Mural - Digital wallpaper images should be wallpapered from left to right. Before pasting the
Subsurface explore the subject and align on the wall. The first path of the Berlin Wall Mural - Digital Wallpaper
bubbles and insert vertically into the wet adhesive application. Bond following drops on impact and with a
Rubber roller or a wallpaper brush press bubbles. Here the numbering of the specified
single note lines.
Remove glue spots on the surface with a damp natural sponge dabbing. Trituration of the
Paste can sometimes cause slight stain formation.
Etc. Press at ceiling, baseboards, windows with a plastic spatula into the corner and with a
sharp craft knife carefully cut off the remains. In this case, should the 1cm-width cut edge on the
both ends are removed. Berlin Wallpaper - wallpaper glue digital non-overlapping.

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What Maximum capacity or quantity has Berlintapete for short-run production available?

Daily, up to 3000 sqm wallpapers on modern industrial HP
  or XEICON produced printers.

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